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Doctor Who Pack-2

Size: 14.65 MB - Uploaded - 6011 Downloads (1 this week) - Uploaded by Not The Sniper

Please note that this pack is now out of date as there is a new pack up now.

Pack-2 includes:
Tardis- Open, Closed, free version, Interior
Dalek- Emperor, Dalek Sec, Imperial, Dalek, Destroyed
Ragdolls- Doctor (Blue and Brown suit), Master
Screwdrivers: Sonic, Laser
Toclafane: With and without spikes
Bad Wolf- Tardis, Signs
Comic Props- Doctor Who Logo, Time Vortex
LUA- Playermodels for Doctor
Settings- Garry's Mod Spawn List

You do NOT need Pack-1 for Pack-2 to work, all models in Pack-1 are included in Pack-2 because of reskins and model fixes.

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